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A Merry Family Christmas November 25 - December 23, 2018

When we think of Christmas we remember times with our family. For some that may bring back fond memories, for… More info »

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Messages about 'Sin':

Standalone Messages
The Kingdom of God Standalone Messages

The Kingdom of God is the biggest theme in the Synoptic Gospels. In this sermon, we explore why understanding something about this mega-theme will empower us to live the Christian... More info »

Ephesians - Complete Study Series
Living as Light Ephesians - Complete Study Series

For every believer, the former existence of living in darkness has ended. Through Jesus Christ we are now children of light and called to imitate God. But how do we... More info »

Ephesians - Complete Study Series
Christian Imitation Ephesians - Complete Study Series

In a world where we are told that it is important to be our own person, it is the opposite that seems to be more common. Everyone is imitating someone... More info »

Ephesians - Complete Study Series
The Trail of Life Ephesians - Complete Study Series

;Every believer in Jesus Christ has been given the joy that comes from our new life in God. Sometimes we fail to live in that joy. In this message we... More info »

Ephesians - Complete Study Series
God’s Great Plan: The Implementation Ephesians - Complete Study Series

The arrival of Christ was a sudden occurrence as far as human understanding is concerned. But God's great plan of salvation had been shaping history for thousands of years when... More info »

Summer in the Psalms 2017
No Limits Summer in the Psalms 2017

We can feel that we are beyond hope or redemption when we have sinned, but if we understand God correctly we find that this is not the case. David was... More info »

Real Faith
Gracious Faith Real Faith

Real faith which is genuinely established, is entirely God glorifying and stands the test of time and trials comes through God's grace. In this sermon, we look at why grace... More info »

Authentic Faith
Authentic Faith is Faith in Discerning Authentic Faith

: More info »

Authentic Faith
Authentic Faith is Being Obedient Authentic Faith

: More info »

Game Of Stones
Game Of Stones: Do Not Bare False Witness Game Of Stones

Honesty is an important part of our society, we have created laws to prevent people from lying under oath or on our term paper and business reports, but what about... More info »

Game Of Stones
Game Of Thrones: No Other Gods Game Of Stones

When God gave Moses the first of the ten commandments, He made it clear that His people were to have an exclusive relationship with Him. Jesus reiterated this principle in... More info »

All Things New
Grape Expectations All Things New

It was Jesus' final day with His disciples. They had just left Jerusalem and were on their way to the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus knew that they were humbled, scared,... More info »

Standalone Messages
Small Talk Standalone Messages

Have you ever had a first date that didn't go anywhere? Sometimes this happens when we purposefully keep our conversations on the surface with Small Talk! Spend some time with... More info »

Colouring Inside the Lines Lines

: More info »

Close Encounters
The Road to Damascus: A Guide For the Directionally Challenged Close Encounters

How many of us has been lost? Well you are not alone. Paul was someone who was also lost. Whether or not he knew it, Paul was someone who was... More info »

Dead on Arrival Stages

When our physical lives begin, we are truly alive. The Bible paints a different picture of our spiritual life. We have no life or relationship with God. This was never... More info »

Your Place at the Table
The Table of Salvation Your Place at the Table

Who were Jesus’ friends with whom he shared a meal? They were the last people we would ever expect a good man like Jesus to share a time with. Yet... More info »

Cleared of all Charges - Salvation Clear

The evidence has been presented, examined and cross-examined. The eyewitnesses have testified. The prosecutor has made his case and there is no doubt of the verdict: Guilty! Now the judge... More info »

Lost in the Fog - Sin Clear

God created everything, including the direction and purpose to live. Through a deliberate decision people have walked away from that direction and purpose. The clarity of life became fogged up... More info »

Breaking Bad
Saul - Misguided Breaking Bad

Of all the upcoming leaders, Saul was number one. The religious establishment saw him as their bright future, and he did not disappoint. He channelled all his energy and conviction... More info »

Breaking Bad
Peter - Out of Control Breaking Bad

Peter thought he was the number one guy with Jesus. He was his best friend and boasted that he would take a bullet for his teacher. Jesus knew differently and... More info »

Breaking Bad
Jonah - You can Run but You Cannot Hide Breaking Bad

We run away when we are afraid. Some things we should run from but there are other situations where we just choose to be cowardly and selfish and avoid what... More info »

Breaking Bad
King David - Broken Influence Breaking Bad

King David had incredible influence over his own nation and the nations around him. Unfortunately he took that influence and used it for a fling, which led to coverups, which... More info »

Saving Hands Hands

Easter Sunday: the greatest celebration for those who believe in Jesus. It is on the same level or greater than the celebration of Christmas. God used His powerful hands to... More info »

Pierced Hands Hands

We call this day, “Good Friday”. It is the day to remember when the dirty, blood-stained hands of a violent mob and Roman soldiers arrested Jesus, dragged him to an... More info »

Reaching Hands Hands

Palm Sunday: people took palm branches in their hands and waved them to celebrate the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem. They reached for Him to be their Saviour. Jesus was... More info »

Dirty Hands Hands

When Adam and Eve bit into that fruit God told them not to eat, their hands got dirty. Not dirty from fruit juice but from the guilt of having rejected... More info »

Connect with the Code Connect

The Sermon on the Mount is the longest recorded sermon in the New Testament. In these three chapters, Jesus gives his loyal followers a mosaic of teachings on how to... More info »

Clean Up on Aisle 5
The Full Cleanup Clean Up on Aisle 5

Jesus last words on the cross outside Jerusalem were, “It is Finished”. The cleanup was complete! The price he had to pay to clean up our sinful mess was steep.... More info »

Clean Up on Aisle 5
Not the Janitor We had Expected Clean Up on Aisle 5

The people of Israel thought they were in a mess caused by the Roman occupiers. When Jesus rode into town, they thought he would clean up that mess. They didn... More info »

Clean Up on Aisle 5
The Mess in Aisle 5 Clean Up on Aisle 5

We aren’t sinners because we sin; we sin because we are sinners. Adam and Eve created a mess not because they threw the apple core on the ground; they... More info »

We All Wipe Out Wipeout

Each one of us has expectations of ourselves and of others. We want our plans to work out and we know others are counting on us. But we fail or... More info »

Gratuitous Grace Preposterous!

We were dead in sin, separated from God and deserving of His punishment. This is recognized by everyone and religions try and try to erase this debt, change the course... More info »