Our History

Waverley Church was established through the vision of two congregations, Portage Avenue Baptist Church and Richmond West Baptist Church, who had a vision to make a difference in the life of people living in southwest Winnipeg.

Waverley opened the doors of its building on September 23, 1984. At the time the church building was surrounded by fields, with housing developments being only a dream sketched out on paper. The members of the new congregation didn’t see empty fields, though; they saw the potential to touch thousands of families by meeting their needs and sharing the hope that is found in a relationship with God.

Today the original building is almost twice its size and the number of people calling Waverley Church their home has increased significantly. The fields around the church have been filling up with housing developments and Waverley street is now a major traffic artery for the city of Winnipeg. The vision of the founders of Waverley Church is being realized and the current church family is carrying this vision forward.

We are excited to invite you to be a part of Waverley Church’s future as we continue to touch people’s lives.

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