The Bible is clear that those in the senior years of life should be considered with honor and respect.  At Waverley we want our Seniors to be nurtured in their faith and given opportunities to engage in service while considering the different limitations they may be facing.  While at this time we do not have a dedicated ministry to our Seniors, we do encourage them to be involved in the various opportunities the church provides. The calling of God should not end at a certain age and with it the joy of being involved in the church.  We encourage our seniors to join our different ministries in service and to participate in different ministries such as our prayer events and Community Groups.

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Volunteering is a great way to get connected at Waverley and there are always meaningful opportunities waiting for someone just like you. There are many places where individuals, such as yourself, often find opportunities to serve. These range from one-time events to on-going commitments, from behind-the-scenes tasks to front-and-center positions, from working with preschoolers to working with senior adults! With this variety, you are sure to find an area that best fits your interests, gifts, and availability.

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