Witnessing to the World

What do we need to bear witness to Christ in a hostile world? In this portion of the Gospel according to John we find three ways in which God has equipped us to bear witness of Him in a world that hates Him and those who love him.

Hated Yet Hopeful

How do we live in a world that hates God and is trying to separate us from our Lord? How can we face the persecution that awaits those who stand firm for Christ? Find out how in the six verses analyzed in this sermon.

Hated by Association

Our world has a history of persecution against Christians. Jesus promises his followers that they would suffer, but why? In this sermon we learn the answer to this question.

Overcoming the Flood

Many are the waters that trouble even those who, like David, are called a man after God’s heart. So how can we overcome the floods that cause us to sink? Psalm 69 can help us better understand and navigate the storms we face.

When God Rises and Resides

Psalm 68 richly describes God’s presence twofold: grace of God defeating His enemies and the grace of our responsive joy in Him (vv. 1-6) and seven graces that have been afforded to us by Christ’s residence in us (vv. 7-35).