The Good Shepherd

Jesus self-identifies as the ‘good shepherd’ in John 10, but what makes Jesus good in this chapter? As we study this passage we discover the connection between Christ’s sacrifice, his goodness and how these determine his promise to provide abundant...

The Door to Abundance

How does a person find their most fulfilling life? In this message we take a look a Jesus’ words which describe where the abundant life can be found and how it is different than what this world offers.

The Shepherd, the Scoundrel and the Sheep

What do shepherding, sheep and thieves have to do with being a Christian? In this message from John chapter ten, we learn more about following Jesus and the dangers that lurk around us as we do.

When the Light Shines

The Protestant Reformation marks the calendars of many believers in Christ.  But more significant is the greater reformation that Christ has started in every person he saves. In this message from John 9 we follow the story of Jesus healing a blind man and how his...

How to Live Forever

Ever present in our lives is the awareness of the frailty of life. From the careful care needed for a new born child to the weak last moments before death, our lives are temporary. But what if we could live forever? In this message we learn how Christ offers us...