The Burial of Christ

Even as Jesus lay in the grave, He was honoured as the highest King. Does our faith today follow the example of Joseph of Arimathea? Are we honouring Christ in fearful secrecy or in open boldness?

The Death of Christ

Jesus is put to death. He said “It is finished.” Many at the time thought it might be the end of his ministry. Join us to find out exactly what the “it” is from his “it is finished” statement, and what “finished” really...

The Crucifixion of Christ

The Bible doesn’t give us much info on the crucifixion…..or does it? Join us as we look deeper into what really happened on the cross, and why.

The Rejection of Christ

Jesus is rejected by the Jewish leaders, and is sent to his death. What does it mean to me if I reject him today?

Resolutions For The Coming Year

What is the best New Year’s resolution? What does the Bible have to say about this? And how can we possibly keep it (them)?