Never Alone

We are justified by faith alone, but faith is never alone. Saving faith does not exist apart from good works. No matter who you are, you must strive for faith-empowered works.

True and False Religion

When you receive the Word of God, are you a doer, or a hearer only? In this message, we learn that true religion is found in those who listen to God’s Word and act upon it, receiving the blessing of God.

Beware The Lie Of The Lure

Temptations will inevitably arise, but how do we avoid being deceived by sin’s attractive lure? In this sermon we learn that God is our only refuge in temptation and that His perfect gifts are far better than anything sin promises.


What does it mean to live in Paul’s shadow? In imitation of Paul, our obedience is motivated by a desire to thank God for the salvation we have received in Christ. We learn to turn from our infectious grumbling to a life that shines in the midst of a crooked...

The Rejection of Christ

Jesus is rejected by the Jewish leaders, and is sent to his death. What does it mean to me if I reject him today?