The Good Shepherd

Jesus self-identifies as the ‘good shepherd’ in John 10, but what makes Jesus good in this chapter? As we study this passage we discover the connection between Christ’s sacrifice, his goodness and how these determine his promise to provide abundant...

The Light of Life

This world is a dark place and the people who live in it are groping as ones struck blind.  But Jesus came to offer sight to the blind and life through his light. In this message we take a closer look at Christ’s offer to be our light of life.

Imperishable Eating

Daily physical hunger reminds us that in every person is a longing for spiritual satisfaction. Many try to satiate this spiritual hunger in different ways, but only those who turn to Jesus find the food that truly relieves the hunger of the soul. In this message we...

The Deliverance of Christ

On Easter Sunday we celebrate Christ’s victory over sin and death on behalf of all those he would save from their sins. In this message we look at this deliverance through the stories of the Flood and Israel’s release from slavery in Egypt.

The Sign of Provision

The miracle of the feeding of the multitude is a wonderful example of God’s gracious provision for his people. In this message we examine what that provision really was and how it impacts our daily lives.