Perfection Through Subjection

How important is it to you to become perfect like Christ? In this passage of James, we learn that perfection is found as we joyfully subject ourselves to God’s ways. This means that we live as God’s slaves, submit ourselves to God’s testing, and...

Easter Shadows of Joseph, Leading Us to Jesus

Discover how Joseph’s story in Genesis points to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In this sermon, we learn to savour Jesus, share in His glorious pattern, and see God’s wonder-working grace.

Good Friday

Can God be trusted? The answer to this question is demonstrated in the cross. If God did not spare His only, beloved Son, can we not trust Him in our temptations, trials, and tiredness?

Two Worthy Examples

Learn about two men named Timothy and Epaphroditus who lived lives worthy of the gospel of Christ. Their lives are marked by a readiness for the work of the gospel and a willingness to sacrifice themselves for the sake of God’s people. How can we imitate their...

A King Worth Standing For

Living a life worthy of the gospel means living in such a way that reflects Christ’s all-surpassing worth. This is demonstrated as we stand firm in holiness and strive in discipline together as a community of faith. When we live in this way, we are able to see...