Daniel Chapter 8: How Long, O Lord?

What do God’s people hold on to in the midst of suffering, darkness and the presence of evil?  Daniel 8 leads us to see that despite evil raging and transgressions rising, we can be assured of God’s sovereign reign, His wise judgements and His grace to...

Pray For One Another

Prayer is absolutely essential to our Christian faith as well as a tremendous opportunity to communicate with our God. In this message we learn what it means to pray for one another and why we often neglect to pray more.

Daniel Chapter 7: Saints of the Most High, Take Heart!

How do God’s people live with confidence despite being in a world full of chaos, beast like dominions, and an enemy determined to destroy them? They rest in the reality that Almighty Judge reigns sovereign over the chaos. They rejoice by faith in the Son of Man who...

Struggles in the Storm

The miracle that Jesus performed when he walked on water is more than a cheap parlor trick, it displays Christ’s provision and authority. In this message we look closer at this miracle to discover how Christ is with us and providing our salvation from sin and...

Daniel Chapter 5: The Day of Judgement

In the enigmatic story of the disembodied hand writing on the wall, there is a surprising message of hope to those suffering under the hand of oppressive authorities, as well as a glorious picture of God’s kindness and patience with HIs enemies.