The Crucifixion of Christ

The Bible doesn’t give us much info on the crucifixion…..or does it? Join us as we look deeper into what really happened on the cross, and why.

The Rejection of Christ

Jesus is rejected by the Jewish leaders, and is sent to his death. What does it mean to me if I reject him today?

Strength for Today

What can we expect when we walk faithfully with Christ? Love, joy, peace… all the fruit of the Spirit! But that fruit may not emerge immediately. There may be times of waiting, sorrow and struggle. How do we endure those days, and how do we know when the sorrow...

Fracture of Community

If we have ever felt the sting of betrayal, we can find comfort from the fact that Jesus knows better than anyone what it is to face that pain. In this study, we observe several things that Jesus faced in his own betrayal and how they can help us.

Smelly Feet

The Gospel of John is famous for his telling of when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. In this message we explore the different lessons that come out of this story and discover what it means for the believers salvation and conduct with one another.