Finding Your Flourishing Faith

The Christian faith that flourishes is produced as God empowers each believer to live a dedicated life to Him. In this message from Proverbs two, Solomon shows us how to find life, protection and blessing through being attentive to wisdom.  

Working Expectations

The Word of God does not neglect some of the very fundamental issues of daily living. In this message we look at work and what the Bible has to say about being under the authority of another person or being an authority over another person.  

Family Dynamics

The bible has much to say about the family and no more directly than in the book of Ephesians. In this message we take a look at the responsibilities of children and of parents, especially of Fathers.  

Obedient Faith

  With all kinds of perspectives being presented, what does real faith look like? In this message in our faith series, we see that by a divine encounter between two unlikely people, God teaches us in His Word, what it is to have an obedient faith.

Act Three; Mordecai’s Plan

Esther has discovered that God has a plan for her life that will bring her to a life or death crossroads. Most of us will not face the kind of situation that Esther encountered, but every Christian has a calling on their lives by God. In this message from the book of...