Imperishable Eating

Daily physical hunger reminds us that in every person is a longing for spiritual satisfaction. Many try to satiate this spiritual hunger in different ways, but only those who turn to Jesus find the food that truly relieves the hunger of the soul. In this message we...

The Sign of Death’s Defeat

The story of the healing of the official’s son, depicts a desperate need requiring the extraordinary intervention of Christ. In this story we learn about the great importance of the gospel of grace and how our greatest need is only fulfilled in Jesus.

Daniel Chapter 1: Relief Through Righteousness

When we are hurting and confused, there are many responses that occur to us. One that seldom occurs to us is to seek out what it would like to make righteous choices by faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Because we are prone to make sinful choices when we are hurt or...

I Have A Question… No. 5

In this sermon where we answer questions submitted by our congregation, we take a closer look at why it is so difficult to faithfully follow Christ, we explore the nature of faith, and we look at the importance of memorizing Scripture

Jesus is Authority

In a time when authority is often questioned, Jesus displays that his authority is not only different, but is desperately needed. In this message that reviews the events of the Tuesday before Jesus goes to the cross, we see that Jesus is the authority over faith,...