Never Alone

We are justified by faith alone, but faith is never alone. Saving faith does not exist apart from good works. No matter who you are, you must strive for faith-empowered works.

The Glory of Resurrection

What is the most amazing thing a person can witness? There might be many answers that people give, but in the account of Jesus’ raising Lazarus from the dead we discover what is undoubtedly the most glorious, and how that event effects each of us.

The Faith to Avoid

Can a person claim to believe in Jesus and not by his disciple? In this message, we study Jesus’ words to see if there is a kind of faith that we should avoid and what that faith looks like.

Contrasting Two Lives

In the Gospel of John, chapter 8, Jesus identifies two different lives available to people; the life walking in darkness and the life of living in the light of Christ. In this message we explore this subject by examining the position and cause of each life, and what...

Repelling and Attracting

Like a magnet, the gospel of Jesus Christ either attracts or repels. When people are attracted to it, they receive new life, but when they are repelled by it, they remain in their sinful condition. In this message we work through aspects of unbelief and belief as a...