Commemorating Christ

The entry of Jesus on a Donkey in the final days before he would be crucified on the cross was understood in different ways. As we examine how people reacted to Jesus, we learn in greater detail how we are to honor Him.

Putting a Price on Jesus

If we think about it, nearly everything in our lives has a value attached to it. We see this when it comes to the groceries we buy or the fuel we put in our car, but it also applies to human life. In particular it also applies to Christ’s life. In this message...

Worship in Spirit and Truth

The second part of the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman transitions from the topic of living water to an ongoing debate Jews and Samaritans regarding worship. As we observe the conversation between Jesus and this woman, we gather a number incites for our...

The Sign of the Temple

When Jesus cleansed the Temple of merchants and money-changers he made a statement about the value of God’s house and worship. In this message we see how this sign applies to us today.

Community Restoration Continues

In the midst of restoration, the people of God who were returning with Ezra were able to safely arrive back in Jerusalem, but this did not make their restoration complete. In this message we explore different lessons we can learn as the Exiles continue their...