True and False Religion

When you receive the Word of God, are you a doer, or a hearer only? In this message, we learn that true religion is found in those who listen to God’s Word and act upon it, receiving the blessing of God.

The Glory of Resurrection

What is the most amazing thing a person can witness? There might be many answers that people give, but in the account of Jesus’ raising Lazarus from the dead we discover what is undoubtedly the most glorious, and how that event effects each of us.

Dealing with the Devil’s Devices

To be a Christian is to be engaged in a war with the spiritual forces of Satan. But how are we to claim the victory and triumph over our enemy that is promised and attained by Christ? God has provided the armour that gives us all we need to defend ourselves against...


The human body is in constant need of rejuvenation. We eat and sleep to restore energy. So, it is true for every believer spiritually. We need to be revived on a constant basis and Psalm 119 tells us what is needed for this to happen. So if we are feeling spiritually...