Bearing with One Another

Every Christian has the opportunity to care for one another as the Body of Christ. In this message we turn to the book of Ephesians to discover what that means in terms of bearing with one another.

The Command to Unite

Most of us agree that unity is a good thing. But somehow, we find ourselves quite short of what Jesus prays for: that we would be one as He and the Father are one. What stops us from being united as a people, and how can we overcome those things?  

Standing in the Strength of His Might

Most Christians know they are strongest when they are closest to Jesus. But we often find we have wandered away. Do we like to be weak and vulnerable? There are different reasons for this, but today, we will dig into some common strategies of the Devil as he seeks to...

Coming to Unity

Christ created the church to be one body with himself as its head. When we strive for unity, we fight against the chaos that seeks to weaken the church. In this message we see that Christ has provided what we need and what we are to do to ensure that we achieve unity...

Called to look like God

While the Bible teaches that perfection in this life is not possible, it also teaches that we can—as a community of faith—embody something profoundly true about the triune God. And knowing that this great God is what our hearts most deeply long for, can we afford to...