Witnessing to the World

What do we need to bear witness to Christ in a hostile world? In this portion of the Gospel according to John we find three ways in which God has equipped us to bear witness of Him in a world that hates Him and those who love him.

Hated Yet Hopeful

How do we live in a world that hates God and is trying to separate us from our Lord? How can we face the persecution that awaits those who stand firm for Christ? Find out how in the six verses analyzed in this sermon.

The Meaning of Love

What does it mean to love? That seems like a simple question that is harder to answer than we sometimes think. In this message we turn to Jesus to answer this question for us.

How to Live Forever

Ever present in our lives is the awareness of the frailty of life. From the careful care needed for a new born child to the weak last moments before death, our lives are temporary. But what if we could live forever? In this message we learn how Christ offers us...

Worship in Spirit and Truth

The second part of the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman transitions from the topic of living water to an ongoing debate Jews and Samaritans regarding worship. As we observe the conversation between Jesus and this woman, we gather a number incites for our...