Mistrust or Meaning?

What is mistrust all about? Why do we find it difficult to trust in Christ? In this sermon we look at the topic of mistrust and learn what Jesus teaches us about this important topic.

Exalting Jesus!

Christians often refer to Jesus as not only their savior but their Lord. In this message from the book of John, we investigate what that means in regards to Christ’s superiority, reliability and authority.

Community Restoration Continues

In the midst of restoration, the people of God who were returning with Ezra were able to safely arrive back in Jerusalem, but this did not make their restoration complete. In this message we explore different lessons we can learn as the Exiles continue their...

For All Occasions

There are not many things that stand the test of time in our world of planned obsolescence. So it is refreshing to study Paul’s prayer in 2 Thessalonians and discover that it is just as applicable today as it was when he wrote it.  As we study this prayer, we...

The Church at Thyatira

When is our willingness to compromise a good thing and when is it detrimental to our faith?  The answer to this question is as needed today as it was in the day when the church in Thyratira existed.  We face constant pressure to bend on our Christian values in a world...