Rejoicing In An Advancing Gospel

Discover Paul’s passion for the advancement of the gospel and his willingness to suffer for Christ’s sake. Do you see your suffering through the lens of an advancing gospel? Can you rejoice in the proclamation of God’s Word, even if it is preached...

Christ Our Hero

Our world looks to many heroes but none of them, either real or the creation of a Hollywood movie studio can compare to Jesus Christ. In this message we see how Christ is the hero we need in this world for our trials, sufferings and uncertainties.

Daniel Chapter 12: Perseverance to the End

How do we live in light of the end that God has declared? How do we live the here and now? Listen to this sermon on the last chapter in the book of Daniel and find out how the end does matter today.

Silence for Our Soul

Our minds and hearts are subjected to a barrage of constant noise. At times it can be deafening as it steals our tranquility and peace. This psalm provides instruction on how to have silence in our souls even when everything around us is noisy.

Hope for the Faint hearted

What does a rock, a tower, a house and a hen have to do with our Christian faith and dealing with the moments when our heart feels faint? In this study from Psalm 61 we answer this riddle which is intended to give us hope.