Sentenced to Death

As we continue our series in John, we find Jesus being sentenced to death. In this message, he is tried by three groups of people in which we learn lessons for our lives.

The Stark Contrast

While Jesus faced His pre-trial before the authorities, Peter faced his own before a servant girl. How did each of them stand? Listen and find out.

Daniel Chapter 3: Deliverance Through the Trial

How do we stay faithful to God in the midst of suffering, trial and temptation? Our hope it not in our great effort to hold onto God faithfully in the midst of the fire, but that God is with us, that Christ is present to save and secure His people. Daniel 3 shows us...

The Church at Philadelphia

The majority of churches are not large.  And the Christians who are part of them are not prominent in this world. So how do we carry out Christ’s calling to be salt and light in this world, when it seems we do not have much influence?  The Church in Philadelphia...