The Yielding Citizen

What does it mean to live as a citizen of heaven? This message unpacks the Christian’s context, call, and confidence as we yield our whole selves to Christ as our King.

The Death of Christ

Jesus is put to death. He said “It is finished.” Many at the time thought it might be the end of his ministry. Join us to find out exactly what the “it” is from his “it is finished” statement, and what “finished” really...

Our ‘Invictus’ Soul

Human nature is inclined to question authority and resist submission. This is particularly true regarding our relationship to God. In this message we discover the unique nature of Christ’s authority and how submission to him is a joy.

Jesus’ Healing Authority

The predominate value in our culture is of independence and self-reliance. In our society that is tempered by the fact that we live with all types of authorities that guide our lives; from governments to teachers to parents. In this message, as Jesus provides healing...

The Christian Home: Parents and Children

Children obeying parents; parents encouraging their children. These seem like relatively innocuous instructions for in-home harmony. But what if they are much more? What if they are sign posts that point to the goal of the entire material universe and the purpose of...