Wisdom: God vs Man

The wisdom of God and the wisdom of man cannot exist together. True wisdom is concerned with godly living, with works that glorify Christ and promote unity in His church. Do you trust that God’s way of wisdom is better than your own?

Never Alone

We are justified by faith alone, but faith is never alone. Saving faith does not exist apart from good works. No matter who you are, you must strive for faith-empowered works.

Daniel Chapter 1: Relief Through Righteousness

When we are hurting and confused, there are many responses that occur to us. One that seldom occurs to us is to seek out what it would like to make righteous choices by faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Because we are prone to make sinful choices when we are hurt or...

Dealing with the Devil’s Devices

To be a Christian is to be engaged in a war with the spiritual forces of Satan. But how are we to claim the victory and triumph over our enemy that is promised and attained by Christ? God has provided the armour that gives us all we need to defend ourselves against...

The Trail of Life

;Every believer in Jesus Christ has been given the joy that comes from our new life in God. Sometimes we fail to live in that joy. In this message we take a closer look at how we steal away our greatest satisfaction and how we can reclaim it.