Home is Where Jesus is.

We are in a time in history between the first and second coming of Christ. At his first coming, Jesus died on the cross, rose to life from the grave and went to be with his Father in heaven. One day Jesus will return to take us to be with him and as we wait for that...

Resurrection Results

The resurrection of Lazarus by Jesus led some to believe in Jesus, but for others it led them to hate Jesus all the more. In this message we take a closer look at the results of this resurrection and find that miracles do not necessarily lead to believing in...

The Glory of Resurrection

What is the most amazing thing a person can witness? There might be many answers that people give, but in the account of Jesus’ raising Lazarus from the dead we discover what is undoubtedly the most glorious, and how that event effects each of us.

The Truth About Death

Are the facts about death something that is debatable? Many would say that the nature of death is set, but is that true? In this message we look at three truths regarding death and discover that the book is not closed on the subject.

The Glory of Love

One of the most amazing stories of the four Gospels is when Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. In this sermon we look at the first part of this story when Jesus finds out that Lazarus has been sick and died. As we study this portion of the story we are given some...