When God Rises and Resides

Psalm 68 richly describes God’s presence twofold: grace of God defeating His enemies and the grace of our responsive joy in Him (vv. 1-6) and seven graces that have been afforded to us by Christ’s residence in us (vv. 7-35).

Struggles in the Storm

The miracle that Jesus performed when he walked on water is more than a cheap parlor trick, it displays Christ’s provision and authority. In this message we look closer at this miracle to discover how Christ is with us and providing our salvation from sin and...

The Sign of the Wine

The first miracle of Jesus was a sign of deity, glory and provision. As we study this story it provides greater belief for our walk with Christ.

Living in the Midst of Meaninglessness: Enjoying the Simple Things

So often it seems that our lives are becoming more and more complicated.  Even with all the advances that have been made in society in an effort to make our lives easier, we seem to have gone away from simplicity and made our lives more complicated.  In the Christian...

The Joy of Helplessness

The Bible describes the people of God as sheep. No other place is this as well known as Psalm 23. While sheep are characterized as helpless, this should not be understood negatively because when we are God’s flock we will experience a level of joy that only can...