Christ’s Sabbatical Preparation

As Jesus continues His High Priestly prayer, he now recounts his responsibilities, petitions for his disciples’ protection, and supplicates for their sanctification. Listen and find out more!

Daniel Chapter 10: There’s More than Meets the Eye

Where do you find your hope? Daniel, visibly distressed over God’s people in view of their restoration in God’s plan, leads us to walk in hope of Christ’s revelation, grounded in God’s purposes, God’s strength and God’s word. It is...

Pray For One Another

Prayer is absolutely essential to our Christian faith as well as a tremendous opportunity to communicate with our God. In this message we learn what it means to pray for one another and why we often neglect to pray more.

In Need of Prayer

The basic necessities of life are both universal and subjective. We all need food, water, and shelter, but sometimes we believe we need the latest Iphone or a larger TV.  As Christians, in addition to our physical needs, we need those things that are necessary for our...

Pleasing God

In the second half of Paul’s opening prayer he outlines what it is to live as a Christian with the goal of pleasing God. In these verses we discover what prayer provides in order to walk worthy of the Lord.