The Rejection of Christ

Jesus is rejected by the Jewish leaders, and is sent to his death. What does it mean to me if I reject him today?

The Meaning of Love

What does it mean to love? That seems like a simple question that is harder to answer than we sometimes think. In this message we turn to Jesus to answer this question for us.

Daniel Chapter 9: The Path to Peace

Once again we find Daniel surrounded by the threats and promises of godless empire, yet safe in the care and protection of His God. In this message, we will trace Daniel’s words and actions back to the kind of heart that finds peace in God, and favour in His...

Bearing with One Another

Every Christian has the opportunity to care for one another as the Body of Christ. In this message we turn to the book of Ephesians to discover what that means in terms of bearing with one another.

Final Words

Churches have many distinctions among them, but what seems common to all is that we struggle to bear one another’s burdens as is outlined in Gal. 6. In this message we see how Paul calls upon the church to care for one another in one of the hardest ways and to...