Silence for Our Soul

Our minds and hearts are subjected to a barrage of constant noise. At times it can be deafening as it steals our tranquility and peace. This psalm provides instruction on how to have silence in our souls even when everything around us is noisy.

Relational Fruitfulness

The greatest commandment as stated by Jesus is to love God with everything we have and are, but how might we live that out? In this message we take a closer look at Christ’s command to bear fruit and what it means for loving God.

Cultivating Fruitfulness

Every fruit tree is expected to produce fruit. So it is for Christians. Every Christian is called upon to bear the fruit in keeping with their relationship to Jesus. In this message we study how we can be fruitful in our Christians lives.

The Meaning of Love

What does it mean to love? That seems like a simple question that is harder to answer than we sometimes think. In this message we turn to Jesus to answer this question for us.

God with us

At many times in our lives we can feel alone and often are. This also happens in a Christian’s faith as Christ is not physically present with us. In this message, we learn of how God is with us in a deeper and profound way far beyond being physically with...