The Glorifying Life

What kind of life do you want? This is an important question that Jesus addresses as he speaks to his disciples in the final hours before he is crucified. In this message we look at Christ’s focus, his instructions and the kind of life he wants all his followers...

The Fruit of Jesus

We do not often consider the idea that life might come from death, but with Christ and his mission on earth that is exactly what took place. As Jesus shares one of his shortest parables we learn how he produced fruit that not only gave life but set an example for us...

The Truth About Death

Are the facts about death something that is debatable? Many would say that the nature of death is set, but is that true? In this message we look at three truths regarding death and discover that the book is not closed on the subject.

The Good Shepherd

Jesus self-identifies as the ‘good shepherd’ in John 10, but what makes Jesus good in this chapter? As we study this passage we discover the connection between Christ’s sacrifice, his goodness and how these determine his promise to provide abundant...

The Door to Abundance

How does a person find their most fulfilling life? In this message we take a look a Jesus’ words which describe where the abundant life can be found and how it is different than what this world offers.