When the Light Shines

The Protestant Reformation marks the calendars of many believers in Christ.  But more significant is the greater reformation that Christ has started in every person he saves. In this message from John 9 we follow the story of Jesus healing a blind man and how his...

The Sign of the Wine

The first miracle of Jesus was a sign of deity, glory and provision. As we study this story it provides greater belief for our walk with Christ.

The Word and Us

Jesus’ presence in this world was no less than God himself dwelling among His creation. In this message we learn what that means and how we should respond to how he has revealed himself.

The Final Outcome

It is often been said that the journey is as important as the destination.  In many respects that may be true, but it can be the destination that makes the journey worthwhile.  Our lives are a journey that will come to an end, and what kind of outcome are we looking...