Joy in the Wilderness

Just like David, we often go through trials in life. Psalm 63 depicts three signposts in the wilderness that guide us when the storm hits home: 1) God, or true longing, we must pursue (vv.1-4); 2) God, our joyful satisfaction, we graciously receive (vv. 5-8); 3) God,...

Cultivating Fruitfulness

Every fruit tree is expected to produce fruit. So it is for Christians. Every Christian is called upon to bear the fruit in keeping with their relationship to Jesus. In this message we study how we can be fruitful in our Christians lives.

Our Longing Souls

Every person has a longing to find fulfillment and satisfaction. God has created us this way, and made it so that this longing is only satisfied in Him. In this message we challenge our hearts to find our joy in Christ and to try to understand how he is always...

Pray For One Another

Prayer is absolutely essential to our Christian faith as well as a tremendous opportunity to communicate with our God. In this message we learn what it means to pray for one another and why we often neglect to pray more.

Witnessing jealousy & joy

The last recorded encounter with John the Baptist in the book of John provides helpful teaching for every believers’ faithfulness to Jesus. It explores the nature of jealousy and how it can steal away the joy God intends for his church.