Pray For One Another

Prayer is absolutely essential to our Christian faith as well as a tremendous opportunity to communicate with our God. In this message we learn what it means to pray for one another and why we often neglect to pray more.

Witnessing jealousy & joy

The last recorded encounter with John the Baptist in the book of John provides helpful teaching for every believers’ faithfulness to Jesus. It explores the nature of jealousy and how it can steal away the joy God intends for his church.

The Sign of the Wine

The first miracle of Jesus was a sign of deity, glory and provision. As we study this story it provides greater belief for our walk with Christ.

Restoration Rejoicing

After many years and much adversity and afflictions, the returning exiles were able to rebuild the House of God. Upon the completion of the Temple, the people celebrated with worship because it was God that had orchestrated their restoration, while also remembering...

Joy In Christ Alone

It may not be possible to find even one Christian who does not get preoccupied with the things of this world. We live in a world in which we eat, sleep, fall in love and work, but when our hearts and minds are fixed on this world, we give up what God has for us.  In...