The Burial of Christ

Even as Jesus lay in the grave, He was honoured as the highest King. Does our faith today follow the example of Joseph of Arimathea? Are we honouring Christ in fearful secrecy or in open boldness?

Daniel Chapter 5: The Day of Judgement

In the enigmatic story of the disembodied hand writing on the wall, there is a surprising message of hope to those suffering under the hand of oppressive authorities, as well as a glorious picture of God’s kindness and patience with HIs enemies.

Daniel Chapter 2: Relief through Recognition.

Christ is supreme over all; yet there are forces that are actively and fiercely obscuring and opposing that truth. Learn from Daniel chapter 2 how we can both recognize the truth of Christ’s supremacy, and take part in lifting up that truth for the good of many...

Daniel Chapter 1: Relief Through Righteousness

When we are hurting and confused, there are many responses that occur to us. One that seldom occurs to us is to seek out what it would like to make righteous choices by faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Because we are prone to make sinful choices when we are hurt or...

What is the Gospel?

What is the Gospel that all Christians claim to believe? For many, they would be hard pressed to answer this question. Knowing the answer is vitally important, not only in order to share the good news of salvation, but because ignorance of the Gospel is a reason to...