Daniel Chapter 10: There’s More than Meets the Eye

Where do you find your hope? Daniel, visibly distressed over God’s people in view of their restoration in God’s plan, leads us to walk in hope of Christ’s revelation, grounded in God’s purposes, God’s strength and God’s word. It is...

The Door to Abundance

How does a person find their most fulfilling life? In this message we take a look a Jesus’ words which describe where the abundant life can be found and how it is different than what this world offers.

Daniel Chapter 7: Saints of the Most High, Take Heart!

How do God’s people live with confidence despite being in a world full of chaos, beast like dominions, and an enemy determined to destroy them? They rest in the reality that Almighty Judge reigns sovereign over the chaos. They rejoice by faith in the Son of Man who...

Provoke One Another

We do not often think about provoking as being a practice that should be fostered in our lives. In this sermon we discover that the Bible calls believers to do exactly that, but not to tear down but to build up.

Community Restoration Continues

In the midst of restoration, the people of God who were returning with Ezra were able to safely arrive back in Jerusalem, but this did not make their restoration complete. In this message we explore different lessons we can learn as the Exiles continue their...