I have a Question … No 1

In this sermon we answer questions submitted by our congregation regarding the strength of Christ in our lives, sanctification and some fun topics regarding organ donation, dinosaurs and bellybuttons.

Biblical Love in Action

In the final greeting to the Colossians, the reader has the rare opportunity to look over the shoulder of Paul (and his fellow workers), to get a vivid picture of what it looks like to deeply love one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. By God’s grace, as...

Walking in Christ: Avoiding Capture

There is no middle ground between pursuing Christ and falling into the traps of the Enemy. You are either moving toward captivity, or greater godliness. In this message, we explore how Christ fulfills the Christians desire for power and authority, purity, and...

Made for More

God expects that his people will pursue purity in their lives, not only for the glory of God and obedience to Christ, but for our joy.  We live in a world where sexual immorality is rampant and with the many voices telling us what is acceptable, we can begin to loose...

Corruption or Christ, what will you put on today

We continue to gaze at the breath-taking beauty of the community that God has in mind for believers this week. However, in this case, we spend more time looking at what is required of us if we desire to be that community we know we long for.