The Door to Abundance

How does a person find their most fulfilling life? In this message we take a look a Jesus’ words which describe where the abundant life can be found and how it is different than what this world offers.

When the Light Shines

The Protestant Reformation marks the calendars of many believers in Christ.  But more significant is the greater reformation that Christ has started in every person he saves. In this message from John 9 we follow the story of Jesus healing a blind man and how his...

Contrasting Two Lives

In the Gospel of John, chapter 8, Jesus identifies two different lives available to people; the life walking in darkness and the life of living in the light of Christ. In this message we explore this subject by examining the position and cause of each life, and what...

Serving or Consuming One Another

As Believers we are called to freedom through Jesus Christ. This freedom gives us the opportunity to care for one another. In this message we look at the irony of freedom and how it works out in our choice to either serve or consume one another.

Mistrust or Meaning?

What is mistrust all about? Why do we find it difficult to trust in Christ? In this sermon we look at the topic of mistrust and learn what Jesus teaches us about this important topic.