Cultivating Fruitfulness

Every fruit tree is expected to produce fruit. So it is for Christians. Every Christian is called upon to bear the fruit in keeping with their relationship to Jesus. In this message we study how we can be fruitful in our Christians lives.

The Fruit of Jesus

We do not often consider the idea that life might come from death, but with Christ and his mission on earth that is exactly what took place. As Jesus shares one of his shortest parables we learn how he produced fruit that not only gave life but set an example for us...

Pleasing God

In the second half of Paul’s opening prayer he outlines what it is to live as a Christian with the goal of pleasing God. In these verses we discover what prayer provides in order to walk worthy of the Lord.

The Sum of the Christian Life

The sum of the Christian life is self-denial. But what does that mean? And how does the joy that we are supposed to have work with self-denial? In this message, we will take a closer look at what biblical self-denial includes, which will help us more fruitfully walk...

Fruitful Faith

How does a person know if the faith they have is real? Can a person have this kind of assurance in their faith? Jesus tells a story about a farmer who plants his seed that gives us insight into this kind of faith. In this message we will discover how real faith is...