Smelly Feet

The Gospel of John is famous for his telling of when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. In this message we explore the different lessons that come out of this story and discover what it means for the believers salvation and conduct with one another.

Community Restoration Completed

The long spiritual and physical journey of the exiles of Israel that is recorded in the book of Ezra is concluded as the people address their sin with humble repentance. In this final chapter of the book, we are provided with a number of lessons that help us to find...

Love In Christ Alone

One of the most well known characteristics of God is his love and one of the most valued qualities in any person is love. What does love mean for our relationship to God and to each other? In this message we look at how the command to put on certain qualities is...

The Church at Laodicea

The final church that Jesus addresses in the Book of Revelation had so many similarities to our church in North America.  They did not suffer in much and thought that they were doing well.  Jesus says otherwise.  In this message we examine Christ’s words to this...

Corruption or Christ, what will you put on today

We continue to gaze at the breath-taking beauty of the community that God has in mind for believers this week. However, in this case, we spend more time looking at what is required of us if we desire to be that community we know we long for.