Bearing with One Another

Every Christian has the opportunity to care for one another as the Body of Christ. In this message we turn to the book of Ephesians to discover what that means in terms of bearing with one another.

Pleasing God

In the second half of Paul’s opening prayer he outlines what it is to live as a Christian with the goal of pleasing God. In these verses we discover what prayer provides in order to walk worthy of the Lord.

Shaken But Not Stirred

Those who believe in Jesus Christ have their greatest hope because of the great work that He did in providing salvation for them.  In practical terms, this hope is the rock on which every believer is to stand firm when facing adversity.  In this message we learn that...

The Church at Ephesus

The Church in Ephesus was a tremendous group of believers who worked hard and patiently endured while living in a city with many temptations to walk away from following Jesus Christ. In this message we discover how the Ephesian church was faithful to Christ, but also...