The Shepherd, the Scoundrel and the Sheep

What do shepherding, sheep and thieves have to do with being a Christian? In this message from John chapter ten, we learn more about following Jesus and the dangers that lurk around us as we do.

The Faith to Avoid

Can a person claim to believe in Jesus and not by his disciple? In this message, we study Jesus’ words to see if there is a kind of faith that we should avoid and what that faith looks like.

Practice Makes Pleasing

There is a pattern of life that every follower of Christ should live which is pleasing to God.  The questions is, how often do we think about this in all the activities and concerns that we have in our lives? As Christians, do we find value in pleasing God?  In this...

Copycat Christianity

Is it harmful to try to be like someone else? The question certainly receives a negative answer from anyone who values individuality and originality, but is this the proper position for a believer in Christ?  In this message we take a closer look at Paul’s...

The Sum of the Christian Life

The sum of the Christian life is self-denial. But what does that mean? And how does the joy that we are supposed to have work with self-denial? In this message, we will take a closer look at what biblical self-denial includes, which will help us more fruitfully walk...