Christ’s Community

When Jesus washed his disciples feet, he demonstrated true, humble service. His actions created a union between Him and His disciples that was designed to establish Christ’s community. In this message we study this passage and discover what elements constitute...

Sacrificing For One Another

What does the Bible mean when it says that followers of Jesus Christ are to offer themselves as living sacrifices? In this message we take a look at what a sacrificial life looks like as it relates to the body of Christ.

The Sign of the Temple

When Jesus cleansed the Temple of merchants and money-changers he made a statement about the value of God’s house and worship. In this message we see how this sign applies to us today.

I have a Question… No 7

In this message where we answer questions from our congregation, we will tackle the issues of Dispensationalism, Covenantal Theology and the idea that the church has replaced Israel in God’s redemptive plan

Community Restoration Completed

The long spiritual and physical journey of the exiles of Israel that is recorded in the book of Ezra is concluded as the people address their sin with humble repentance. In this final chapter of the book, we are provided with a number of lessons that help us to find...