Celebrating the Gospel

The introduction and first part of Paul’s prayer expresses how important it is for every Christian to celebrate the Gospel.

Expectant Living

Christ could return at any time and will he find us ready?  In this message we take a closer look at how we should live considering Christ’s imminent return.

Living in the Midst of Meaninglessness: Joy

The pursuit of joy is at the center of the lives of most everyone who lives, but where can we find that joy?  Some search and seem to find it, others look but never do, still others grab onto something only to be disappointed. Ecclesiastes is known as a book...

The Command to Love

On Easter Sunday we celebrate that our savior, Jesus Christ has risen from the dead!  He was willing to sacrifice himself as the most incredible act of love and it is in his resurrection that we also see the same.  As we look at John 15, we discover how the cross...

The Command to Copy Christ

Jesus Christ demonstrated in his life on earth and in the sacrifice he made on the cross the kind of attitudes and actions that every believer is to follow.  As we look to the book of Colossians, we find that the believers ability to copy Christ in this way is founded...