God’s Truth Never Changes

Do you live your life upon the complete truth of God? In this message, we learn that truth comes from God alone. Without Christ, we live according to the lies of this world. But when God grants us life and faith in Christ, we respond by offering up our lives as a...

The Height of Humility

Spiritual pride and the law of gravity share a common theme: who and what goes up must come down. In James 4:4-12, we learn the peril of pursuing pride, the priority of loving God through humble repentance, and the promise of His exaltation; who goes down in humility...

Mind Our P’s and Q’s

What is your greatest passion? Would you be willing to give it up for Christ’s sake? In this message, we learn that our quarrelling and the quest for self-fulfillment ceases as we submit our passions entirely to God, pursuing holiness, prayer, and praise.

Wisdom: God vs Man

The wisdom of God and the wisdom of man cannot exist together. True wisdom is concerned with godly living, with works that glorify Christ and promote unity in His church. Do you trust that God’s way of wisdom is better than your own?

The Tongue? Yield It to Christ!

The tongue is such a small part of the body, and yet it has great power. James teaches us to control the words that come out of our mouths, since our words ultimately prove the state of our hearts. Only a renewed heart produces pure speech.