The Son’s Authority Over Life

Humanity has managed to accomplish a great deal over the years, including many things that have extended the span of our lives. But one thing they have not been able to do is give life and defeat death. In this message we discover that if we want to have both physical...

The Son’s Equal Authority

What kind of authority does Jesus have? What does His authority mean for our lives? In Christ’s altercation with religious leaders following the healing of a lame man on the Sabbath, we learn about his authority and what that means for our relationship to...

Our ‘Invictus’ Soul

Human nature is inclined to question authority and resist submission. This is particularly true regarding our relationship to God. In this message we discover the unique nature of Christ’s authority and how submission to him is a joy.

Jesus’ Healing Authority

The predominate value in our culture is of independence and self-reliance. In our society that is tempered by the fact that we live with all types of authorities that guide our lives; from governments to teachers to parents. In this message, as Jesus provides healing...

Exalting Jesus!

Christians often refer to Jesus as not only their savior but their Lord. In this message from the book of John, we investigate what that means in regards to Christ’s superiority, reliability and authority.