Sermon Series: Together: Appealing to the Church to Gather

We are in an unprecedented time that has revealed a crisis in the church of Christ. In this series of messages, we take a closer look at what should be the heart and matter of every believer. It is a call to the church to come together, and to gather as God has intended.

Fighting to Gather Together

In this last sermon of this series, we bring all the teaching of the previous five weeks together in a call for each of us to fight to gather together.  This message provides practical ways to care for each other so that we embrace and enjoy being the church...

Struggling to Gather

There are times for every believer when they may struggle to gather together with the church. In this sermon we take a closer look at the reasons we give for not gathering and how we might reconcile those with what God calls us to do.

The Purposeful Church

The Christian life consists of pursuing God-given goals that draw us away from the values of our society and give us deep satisfaction. The fulfillment of these purposes is intricately connected to gathering together as the church. In this message we take a closer...

The Precious Church

The church as those who trust in Jesus Christ are precious to God. This may be a widely accepted Christian fact, but how is it true and what does that mean for believers? In this message we look at the magnitude of God’s love, Christs sacrifice and what that...

The Christian Heart

God calls every believer to love with everything that we have.  At the same time we are supposed to follow Christ with everything we have. How do we do that in the world we live in? What might that mean for gathering together as Christ’s body? In this message we...

Knowing the Church Gathered

Why is it important to come together as God’s people? It has to do with what the church is, and how it is not only benefitial but essential for every believer.  In this message we look at what the church is and what it means for every Christian’s...

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