Sermon Series: A Merry Family Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year...or at least that is what we are told.  But what about Christmas makes it so wonderful?  Sometimes we think of gifts, the food, gathering with our family or attending a church Christmas service, but what if these things do not make Christmas wonderful?  What is Christmas to be like in our homes, with our families and in our church families? In this Christmas advent series, we want to remind ourselves that the hope, peace, joy and love of Christmas is found in our families when we find these things in Jesus Christ.

Christmas Glory

We often have ourselves occupied with many wonderful things at Christmas.  We are excited about gathering with friends and family, sitting down for that special meal, celebrating with other believers, and opening gifts.  What we often do not consider is the ultimate...

The Effects of God’s Affection

The most remarkable expression of love that could ever have been given to this world was God sending His one and only Son to this earth as a baby.  This remarkable event which we celebrate each year has had remarkable effects. In this message we look at how Christmas...

Joy in Unexpected Places

One of the greatest things that many people experience at Christmas is as sense of joy.  All the sensations, the satisfaction and happiness that we enjoy at Christmas, we would love to have all the year long.  Everyone wants to be happy and they look for it in many...

Silent Night or Frazzled Lives

There are so many things at Christmas that can steal our peace.  We hope for a holiday season filled with tranquility and calm without stress, but then there is reality.  The pressures, the expectations, the relationship struggles can all be magnified at Christmas. ...

A House of True Hope

Enjoying Christmas traditions that are not explicitly Christian may not be a big deal. However, we can lose a priceless opportunity if we are not careful. Listen and see why and how we must remain focused on our true hope this Christmas.  

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