Sermon Series: Sightings of the Saviour

Christmas is the time when we celebrate the arrival of Jesus. Part of this joyous occasion is the anticipation of Christ. In this series, we look at how Jesus is seen and glimpsed in different ways in the Old Testament, long before his arrival in Bethlehem

Is Christmas Kris Kringle or Christ?

Santa is a huge part of the celebration of Christmas for many, but should it be? In this message we look to restore the true meaning of Christmas and how the gift of Jesus being with us, is dramatically more important than anything else.  

Stories of Christ in the Bible

What do the stories of the Bible have to teach us? In this message we look at two familiar stories from the Old Testament to discover that they have more to teach us than we ever thought.

Further Sightings of Christ in the Bible

The Bible is full of examples that God intentionally designed to point us to Jesus. In this sermon we examine some of those examples and discover how every believer is to live in such a way that we reflect Christ.  

Seeing Our Savior in the People of the Bible

Some things are hidden in plain sight and only become obvious once we know what we are looking for. In the pages of the Old Testament are people such as Joseph and Melchizedek who show us Jesus and remind us that at Christmas we should not forget to look for Christ....

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