Sermon Series: Summer in the Psalms 2023

In this series from the book of Psalms, we will learn from Psalms 61-68.

Overcoming the Flood

Many are the waters that trouble even those who, like David, are called a man after God’s heart. So how can we overcome the floods that cause us to sink? Psalm 69 can help us better understand and navigate the storms we face.

When God Rises and Resides

Psalm 68 richly describes God’s presence twofold: grace of God defeating His enemies and the grace of our responsive joy in Him (vv. 1-6) and seven graces that have been afforded to us by Christ’s residence in us (vv. 7-35).

Praise Amidst the Impossible.

In this psalm of triumphal praise, David expresses his dependance on God, asking for His blessing and benevolence while also recognizing His sovereign providence. Inviting all nations to praise, Psalm 67 looks forward to Christ, the One who has done what we...

Channels of Grace for Transformed Affection

The bad news is: as human beings, we all have a problem with our affections. But the good news is: God has not left us on our own. Psalm 66 depicts four channels of grace through which we can have our affections transformed to love God as we ought to.

Praise is waiting. Will you join?

In this psalm of praise, David observes that in the future, all the earth will praise God (vv.1-2); that even now, God’s people have hope for deliverance and acceptance (vv.2-4); that there is hope of deliverance not only for Israel but for all nations (vv.5-8);...

The Power of Words

During his lifetime, David was attacked not only by the physical sword of his enemies but also through their evil words. In this Psalm, we learn not only  that words do have the power to hurt us, but how David reacted against such threats, how God responds, and what...

Joy in the Wilderness

Just like David, we often go through trials in life. Psalm 63 depicts three signposts in the wilderness that guide us when the storm hits home: 1) God, or true longing, we must pursue (vv.1-4); 2) God, our joyful satisfaction, we graciously receive (vv. 5-8); 3) God,...

Strength for Today

What can we expect when we walk faithfully with Christ? Love, joy, peace… all the fruit of the Spirit! But that fruit may not emerge immediately. There may be times of waiting, sorrow and struggle. How do we endure those days, and how do we know when the sorrow...

Silence for Our Soul

Our minds and hearts are subjected to a barrage of constant noise. At times it can be deafening as it steals our tranquility and peace. This psalm provides instruction on how to have silence in our souls even when everything around us is noisy.

Hope for the Faint hearted

What does a rock, a tower, a house and a hen have to do with our Christian faith and dealing with the moments when our heart feels faint? In this study from Psalm 61 we answer this riddle which is intended to give us hope.

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