Sermon Series: Jesus: According to the Gospel of John

In this sermon series on John's Gospel, we will take a deep dive into the life of Jesus. We will be examining His earthly ministry, exploring and dissecting his theological discourses and basking in the radiance of His Glory.

The Burial of Christ

Even as Jesus lay in the grave, He was honoured as the highest King. Does our faith today follow the example of Joseph of Arimathea? Are we honouring Christ in fearful secrecy or in open boldness?

The Death of Christ

Jesus is put to death. He said “It is finished.” Many at the time thought it might be the end of his ministry. Join us to find out exactly what the “it” is from his “it is finished” statement, and what “finished” really...

The Crucifixion of Christ

The Bible doesn’t give us much info on the crucifixion…..or does it? Join us as we look deeper into what really happened on the cross, and why.

The Rejection of Christ

Jesus is rejected by the Jewish leaders, and is sent to his death. What does it mean to me if I reject him today?

Power Struggle

We continue our series on the life of Jesus as told by John. Jesus is delivered to be crucified. Pilate finds him “not guilty” but the Jewish leaders demand that he is crucified for his audacious claim to be the Son of God. Who is the guilty party?

Sentenced to Death

As we continue our series in John, we find Jesus being sentenced to death. In this message, he is tried by three groups of people in which we learn lessons for our lives.

The Stark Contrast

While Jesus faced His pre-trial before the authorities, Peter faced his own before a servant girl. How did each of them stand? Listen and find out.

Jesus’ Arrest

Jesus’ arrest was not like any other we may see on television these days. Listen and learn how Jesus walked willingly, acted authoritatively, and operated obediently in that circumstance.

Christ’s Unity Prayer

In the conclusion of His High Priestly prayer, Jesus prays for unity and for the perfection of His disciples. Listen and find out more!

Christ’s Sabbatical Preparation

As Jesus continues His High Priestly prayer, he now recounts his responsibilities, petitions for his disciples’ protection, and supplicates for their sanctification. Listen and find out more!

The Glory of the Tree

The final days of Jesus’ earthly ministry approaches. In the five first verses of Jesus’ High Priestly prayer, we learn about the significance of the tree upon which He was about to be hanged – a tree which surpasses all others in its glory, not...

Christ Our Hero

Our world looks to many heroes but none of them, either real or the creation of a Hollywood movie studio can compare to Jesus Christ. In this message we see how Christ is the hero we need in this world for our trials, sufferings and uncertainties.

Grace for the Days Ahead

In this passage of the Gospel of John, Jesus foretells that his disciples would soon experience a great amount of sorrow. Yet, He also graciously prepares them, cheers them, and supplies them with all they need. Listen and find out more!

Witnessing to the World

What do we need to bear witness to Christ in a hostile world? In this portion of the Gospel according to John we find three ways in which God has equipped us to bear witness of Him in a world that hates Him and those who love him.

Hated Yet Hopeful

How do we live in a world that hates God and is trying to separate us from our Lord? How can we face the persecution that awaits those who stand firm for Christ? Find out how in the six verses analyzed in this sermon.

Hated by Association

Our world has a history of persecution against Christians. Jesus promises his followers that they would suffer, but why? In this sermon we learn the answer to this question.

Relational Fruitfulness

The greatest commandment as stated by Jesus is to love God with everything we have and are, but how might we live that out? In this message we take a closer look at Christ’s command to bear fruit and what it means for loving God.

Cultivating Fruitfulness

Every fruit tree is expected to produce fruit. So it is for Christians. Every Christian is called upon to bear the fruit in keeping with their relationship to Jesus. In this message we study how we can be fruitful in our Christians lives.

The Meaning of Love

What does it mean to love? That seems like a simple question that is harder to answer than we sometimes think. In this message we turn to Jesus to answer this question for us.

God with us

At many times in our lives we can feel alone and often are. This also happens in a Christian’s faith as Christ is not physically present with us. In this message, we learn of how God is with us in a deeper and profound way far beyond being physically with...

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