Sermon Series: Jesus: According to the Gospel of John

In this sermon series on John's Gospel, we will take a deep dive into the life of Jesus. We will be examining His earthly ministry, exploring and dissecting his theological discourses and basking in the radiance of His Glory.

May I Present…

The opening words of the Gospel of John are an introduction veiled in mystery. The subject of this astounding introduction is only referred to as The Word, but what we learn about Him provides insights that will shape how we read John’s Gospel.

Summary of John’s Gospel

In this message from the opening prologue of John’s Gospel, we are given a summary of John’s message. It is a message of how Jesus Christ has come as the light to the world and that He will illuminate the hearts of people so that they become children of...

The Word and Us

Jesus’ presence in this world was no less than God himself dwelling among His creation. In this message we learn what that means and how we should respond to how he has revealed himself.

Jesus is Greater

There are many things in our lives that compete for our attention and priorities. It is not hard to be lured by the many voices that try to tell us what should be most important. In this message from John’s Gospel we want to take a moment and listen to a...

Jesus is Still Greater

To the common on-looker, Jesus appeared like any other person, but appearances were only skin deep. Jesus was greater and in this message we see how that is so and how that should impact the lives of every Christian.

Follow Jesus!

In this passage Jesus calls his first disciples and teaches us what it means to follow Jesus.

The Sign of the Wine

The first miracle of Jesus was a sign of deity, glory and provision. As we study this story it provides greater belief for our walk with Christ.

The Sign of the Temple

When Jesus cleansed the Temple of merchants and money-changers he made a statement about the value of God’s house and worship. In this message we see how this sign applies to us today.

Reborn to Know Jesus

What does it mean to truly know Jesus? In Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus, Christ explains to him what it means to know him through rebirth and we learn what that means for each one of us.

Look Again!

For Many Christians, John 3:16 is such a familiar verse that they do not stop to see if they really have understood it.  In this message we take a closer look at this verse and a few others as John comments on Jesus’ comments to Nicodemus.

Witnessing jealousy & joy

The last recorded encounter with John the Baptist in the book of John provides helpful teaching for every believers’ faithfulness to Jesus. It explores the nature of jealousy and how it can steal away the joy God intends for his church.

Exalting Jesus!

Christians often refer to Jesus as not only their savior but their Lord. In this message from the book of John, we investigate what that means in regards to Christ’s superiority, reliability and authority.

Living Water

In the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman, Christ offers her living waters. In this message we explore what Christ offers this woman and its significance for us.

Worship in Spirit and Truth

The second part of the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman transitions from the topic of living water to an ongoing debate Jews and Samaritans regarding worship. As we observe the conversation between Jesus and this woman, we gather a number incites for our...

The Satisfying Harvest

The closing section of Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman recounts the disciples return, the witness of the Samaritan woman to her fellow townspeople, the disciples receiving teaching from Christ and the successful evangelism of many from Sychar. This...

The Sign of Death’s Defeat

The story of the healing of the official’s son, depicts a desperate need requiring the extraordinary intervention of Christ. In this story we learn about the great importance of the gospel of grace and how our greatest need is only fulfilled in Jesus.

Jesus’ Healing Authority

The predominate value in our culture is of independence and self-reliance. In our society that is tempered by the fact that we live with all types of authorities that guide our lives; from governments to teachers to parents. In this message, as Jesus provides healing...

Our ‘Invictus’ Soul

Human nature is inclined to question authority and resist submission. This is particularly true regarding our relationship to God. In this message we discover the unique nature of Christ’s authority and how submission to him is a joy.

The Son’s Equal Authority

What kind of authority does Jesus have? What does His authority mean for our lives? In Christ’s altercation with religious leaders following the healing of a lame man on the Sabbath, we learn about his authority and what that means for our relationship to...

The Son’s Authority Over Life

Humanity has managed to accomplish a great deal over the years, including many things that have extended the span of our lives. But one thing they have not been able to do is give life and defeat death. In this message we discover that if we want to have both physical...

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