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Biblical Leadership September 23 - October 29, 2018

Throughout the pages of the Bible, leadership is a central component for the followers of God as they are called… More info »

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Messages about 'Service':

Biblical Leadership
The Leadership of Deacons Biblical Leadership

God's son entered the world and came to serve. As He established the church He did not stray from this mandate, but also passed the call to serve unto the... More info »

Standalone Messages
Calling All Disciples (Part 1) Standalone Messages

As Jesus began His earthly ministry, He chose twelve men to accompany Him. Besides Judas Iscariot, each of them went on to serve Christ faithfully, giving their lives completely in... More info »

Jesus Shows us the Way
Jesus Shows Us the Way to Serve Jesus Shows us the Way

One of the best ways to understand Jesus Christ is to remember that he is the greatest servant who has ever lived. He was willing to serve others in lowly... More info »

Ephesians - Complete Study Series
The Commission of Ministry Ephesians - Complete Study Series

Every believer has in common a commission from God to be a minister for Christ. As Paul reflects upon his ministry mandate we gain insight into the ministry that we... More info »

Standalone Messages
The Good Life Standalone Messages

We are all looking for a life that is good, satisfying and full of joy. All around us, people are telling us how we can achieve this, but is what... More info »

Real Faith
Servant Faith Real Faith

Real faith that is built upon solid ground is designed to flourish through serving Christ, the Gospel and one another in the community of faith. Paul through his ministry and... More info »

Blueprint for the Church
Highlighting the Early Church-Service (gifting), Generosity, Worship Blueprint for the Church

The Early Church sets an example in how they came together in worship, service and generosity.  This is not a quaint sentiment that the church today should ignore.  In this... More info »