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Blueprint for the Church

Blueprint for the Church

What is the Blueprint for the Church? Jesus Christ established the church and in the Scriptures we are told what the church of Christ is to be. In this 2016 Fall series we are going examine the blueprint for the church by looking into the different aspects what it means to be the community of faith. We will see the value, nature and purposes of the church and how it calls us as God's children to be the faithful people of God.

In this series (15 messages):

The Church is Valuable September 11, 2016

The world has changed so much, is the church still relevant? Jesus Christ established the church nearly two-thousand years ago. Does an institution this ancient still hold value for our lives today? In this first message in our Blueprint for the church sermon series, we will discover that not only is the church valuable for today, but that it is critical in our Christian lives and is instrumental for hope in this world. More info »

Who’s Church is it anyway? September 18, 2016

The Church has a long history of trying to figure out who is to guide it.  Often the church has done it right, at other times they have not.  When we understand who is the head of the church we experience how wonderful it is to be the church.  In this study, we look to answer the question, "Who's church is it anyway?"
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Images of the Church(Branch, Building, Body) September 25, 2016

The Bible richly uses metaphors to communicate the wonders of God and his interaction with his creation.  The people of God called the Church are called a Branch, Building and Body.  In this Blueprint for the Church message series we take a closer look at the significance of these three metaphors.
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Images of the Church(The flock, Bride, Family) October 2, 2016

The Bible wonderfully uses images to show the greatness of God and his interaction with His people.  Believers in Jesus Christ as the Church are called the Bride, the Family and the Flock.  In this Blueprint for the Church series message, we take a closer look at these three metaphors.
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The Solid Church Prioritizes the Bible October 9, 2016

What defines a solid church that fulfills the calling of God and brings Him the glory He deserves?  The church is built on a firm foundation when it prioritizes the Bible.  In this sermon in our Blueprint for the Church series, we search the Scriptures to discover the value of the Bible and how preaching and teaching are indispensable.
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The Solid Church is Committed to Sound Doctrine October 16, 2016

A solid church is one that does the work that Christ has called it to do, and to live in this world as salt and light. But how do we begin to do this? It starts from a commitment to a set of beliefs from which everything else flows. Staying on the path that God has set for the church requires a commitment to sound doctrine. More info »

The Solid Church Understands the Gospel October 23, 2016

What is the Gospel?  Depending upon who you ask, you might get a wide variety of answers.  For many Christians, they have been transformed by the Gospel but have trouble articulating what it is.  For the Church to be solid it is vital that we understand the true Gospel in a time of counterfeits. More info »

The Solid Church is Genuinely Converted October 30, 2016

It is not uncommon to hear of people who have claimed to be Christians, suddenly declare that they no longer believe in Christ.  Is it because they were true Christians, was their so-called faith fabricated or something in between?  A genuine conversion to Christ is life changing and what identifies a solid Church.
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The Solid Church Has A Biblical Understanding Of Evangelism November 6, 2016

How does a person come to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour?  It's not a trick question but one that vitally important to being a solid church.  In this message we explore the believers role in Evangelism and how God involves Himself in saving souls. More info »

The Solid Church Consists of Committed Believers November 13, 2016

A sincere commitment to Christ is what should define every single follower of God.  When a person desires to know Christ, they will also desire to have a strong connection to the body of Christ, the church.  In this message, we discover how a commitment to a local church is one of the most rewarding relationships a person can have. More info »

The Solid Church Pursues Holiness November 20, 2016

One of the amazing things about grace is that it places every believer in a position before God of holiness.  This is remarkable given the sinfulness of our hearts.  It is the task of every Christian to pursue holiness in their lives.  As we look at the Blueprint for the Church we find the Scriptures confirming the role of the Church as God's agent to encourage holiness in the body of Christ. More info »

The Solid Church Promotes Spiritual Growth November 27, 2016

When we want to measure a child's height, we pull out a tape measure and measure how tall he or she is.  When it comes to the church, how do we measure our growth? Is the church growing if there are more in attendance, or we register more baptisms?  These are certainly helpful, but the true measure of the Churches growth comes as we focus on spiritual growth.  In this next message in our Blueprint for the Church series, Pastor Tony demonstrates from the Bible that the church should be promoting spiritual growth. More info »

The Solid Church Embraces Biblical Leadership December 4, 2016

A solid church has to have a biblical foundation for its leadership.  If the leadership of the church is not following biblical principles, the church will not be setting a course that will produce a church honoring to God.  In this message we take a quick look at what the Bible has to say about church leadership and how it is beneficial. More info »

Highlighting the Early Church-Fellowship, Ordinances, Prayer December 11, 2016

The first church that was created as a result of the Gospel being preached was a dynamic group of excited believers.  They demonstrated a tremendous zeal for God and for the connection that was formed with others of the same faith.  In our second to last message in our Blueprint for the Church series we take a closer look at three elements of the church that are highlighted in Acts 2:42-47. More info »

Highlighting the Early Church-Service (gifting), Generosity, Worship December 18, 2016

The Early Church sets an example in how they came together in worship, service and generosity.  This is not a quaint sentiment that the church today should ignore.  In this last message in our Blueprint for The Church series we look further into Acts 2:42-47 and see what we might learn from the first church.
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