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Kenya Missions

Moro Church

Water is a necessity of life. Without water there is no life. A shortage of safe water brings with it a whole range of problems. The Bible calls us to help meet people's physical needs, which include help to provide a safe, stable source of water.

The image of water is used in the Bible to describe the life we receive through faith in Jesus Christ. A person's life without this "living water" also has deep rooted problems. The Bible also calls on Jesus' followers to lovingly show the way to finding life through faith in Jesus.

The Moro region of Kenya is a place where water can become extremely scarce for huge chunks of the year. Waverley Church has teamed up with the Africa Inland Churches of that area and World Vision Canada to dig a well to provide a constant source of safe water for the community. In addition, the program provides public education on hygiene and disease prevention. This well will begin providing water to the community in September of this year.

Waverley is also working with the churches of the area to help them provide the living water of faith in Jesus. This means giving prayer, time, financial resources and our abilities to encourage and help the church spread the message of Jesus to those who have not heard.

On September 17, 2014 a team from Waverley will head out to Moro, Kenya to formally "open the tap" at the well, participate in the public education program, share the love of Jesus with those who don't believe in him, and encourage church leaders who work very hard in their community to meet the spiritual and practical needs.

You can find out more about World Vision's work at: Clean Water Program or you can contact Waverley Church at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)