About this ministry

Here at Waverley, we believe that spiritual transformation takes place best in the context of an authentic, caring community. We believe that God has designed us all to thrive when we have the opportunity to to “do life” together with others. He never intended that we go it alone. We also believe that although people come to church for many different reasons they generally stay for one - relationships. At Waverley, we believe that small groups are one of the best contexts for developing solid God-focused relationships as we help one another to take those important next steps in our spiritual journey. In a small group, you have the opportunity to not only be loved and accepted, but to develop relationships with others who are also discovering what it means to follow Jesus! Whether you are 13 or 103, we have a small group that is perfectly suited for wherever you may find yourself in your spiritual journey.

Life Groups

Here at Waverley, we know that life is not a one time event - it is a journey of ups and downs with a lot of ‘blah’ in between. We believe that life is best lived when we take the journey within the context of authentic friendships. Life Groups are just that. They meet either weekly or bi-weekly for a time of connecting, sharing and studying together. All of our groups strive to incorporate elements of discipleship, community, worship, evangelism, and serving. These groups make a commitment to meeting together for 12-24 months and it is our expectation that after this time, the group will multiply and develop two new, distinct groups.

Currently we offer:

  • Life Groups for Couples
  • Life Groups for Single Adults
  • Life Groups for Families
  • Life Groups for Young Adults
  • Life Groups for Seniors
  • Life Groups for Men
  • Life Groups for Women
Bridge Groups

Wondering where to start? Often the very first group that an individual or couple participates in is called a Bridge Group. Bridge Groups are short-term, intentional steps in our journey that will help you as you move towards authentic spirituality. All of our Bridge Groups meet for a defined length of time, with the goal of studying a specific topic, issue or theme. A Bridge Group can also provide an excellent glimpse of community connection and growth in a shorter interval.

For more information on these groups, please email info@waverleychurch.ca.