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About this ministry

Men love their toolboxes.

If you checked inside the toolbox of the average man, you’d probably discover all the basic tools needed to fix and repair most things around their house and yard. My guess is that whether you are an accountant or a truck driver, a doctor or a delivery man, you have a toolbox stocked with tools that you know how to use to accomplish some basic tasks.

We believe that men are also born with an internal toolbox. Internal tools are even more important to us than the toolbox you keep out in your garage. Our ability to effectively grow in our relationships, as well as in our Spiritual Journey depends greatly on the quality of tools we have in our Spiritual Toolbox. The problem with many of us is that we sometimes lack the right tools for the job – both around our house as well as spiritually. There are also times when our spiritual tools need upgrading.

In the Men’s Ministry at Waverley, we want to help men fill their toolboxes with the spiritual tools they need to become better husbands, fathers, grandfathers, providers, protectors, students, son’s and most importantly - good disciples of Jesus.