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Link: Link with the World Outside

Pastor Brad Quiring     March 3, 2013

While we may not pick up everything, leave Canada, learn another language, culture and lifestyle in order to share the awesome story of God’s love, there certainly are those who are doing this right now. God still calls and equips some of us to go to places on this planet that haven’t experienced the powerful message of Jesus. Do we even know what is going on? What are we going to do about it and even more, what happens if God is tapping ME on the shoulder? How can we link with the world outside of Canada?

Key verse(s): Acts 16

Topics: faith, missions

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Link with God February 10, 2013

God wants to reach the world through us and has commanded us to go into all the world. The needs in our world are overwhelming. We don’t even know where to start and we certainly do not have the resources to do we think. God Himself has given us an incredible resource to be able to accomplish this mission: The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the link between God and us and the link between us and the world. More info »

Link with the World at Our Door February 17, 2013

Go into all the world? Do you know how much time and money that will take? Did you know the world has come right to us? Thousands of people have immigrated to Canada in the last two decades. Their culture, history and stories are rich and are shaping the identity of our community and country. Everyone that comes still has a link to their home country while they strive to form links here. This is the way we can reach the whole world with the message of hope, love and grace in Jesus. Special guest speaker Jack Duckworth from International Student Ministries will help us see how to do this by simply opening our hearts, minds and homes so we can link with those who have come into Canada. More info »

Link with Your World February 24, 2013

Sharing the incredible story of Jesus is not the exclusive work of trained pastors, this is the awesome privilege of everyone who believes in Jesus. While most of us will never set foot in another country to tell about the love of God or we’ll never preach a sermon from a pulpit, we can link with the people in our own circles of relationships and show them the love of God. More info »

Link with Partners March 10, 2013

We never work alone. God intended us to always have a link with Him and a link with others who are heading to the same goal, no matter who they are or where they are at. Waverley has active partnerships in Cuba and Kenya where we are helping our fellow Christians there be able to grow and respond to their own challenges to link with their communities. We also grow and are challenged by our link with the family in the Caribbean and Africa. Let’s learn how we can strengthen our link with our family around the world. More info »